About the blog:
There are much better places to hang out on the Internet, so I assume that you are reading this because you got lost in your surfing. As a much more interesting blog puts it, this is "one of those dime-a-dozen [sites] under whose collective blogging weight the earth groans on its axis."

In 2009 I wrote my first post as a meager attempt to practice writing. Posting was spotty, as was original material. Starting in September 2012, I have been a little more regular in my posting. I think of this as my blog's scarfing down a box of bran flakes. I regularly post three times a week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. (After a year, I decided that the three-posts-a-week may or may not continue.)

Thanks to my brother for the banner. I like the Muses, but when I searched for pictures for the home page banner, I wanted something not quite so Middle-Agey, or creepy, or headless.

About me (@TheMundaneMuse):
I am married. My wife attended Physician Assistant school at MUSC and works full-time. I don't mind that my wife works full-time, because I'm a teacher, and as the writer of Proverbs 31 might have put it, her merchant ship brings in twice as much food as mine does, if you catch my drift. Give her ship a wide berth, I say! Speaking of birth, we have three daughters who are lots of fun. I am a deacon at a PCA church in Waco, Texas.

I am a student. My undergraduate degree in creative writing is from Bob Jones University, as is my M.A. in English. I have taught middle school, high school, and college courses in Bible and English. At this point I'm working on a Ph.D. in English (with a concentration in religion and literature)—or as my frustrated job-seeking classmates like to put it, we are preparing for law school.